September 13, 2021

A new piece of legislation is about to take effect in the House and the Senate that could affect how the food industry is regulated in the U.S. and beyond.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to regulate the food supply, but food handlers are already in the crosshairs.

The FDA is already regulating how food is prepared and distributed.

It has the power to fine companies and send people to jail for not labeling food the way it is supposed to be.

The food handlers have been fighting this bill for years and they have been successful in the courts.

A 2014 federal court ruling on this issue was overturned and the U,S.

Supreme Court ruled that the FDA does not have authority to regulate food handlers.

The Supreme Court said the FDA’s power to regulate is a legislative one, and that the Food and Drugs Administration cannot regulate food.

The court held that the agency can regulate the supply of food, and thus the food handler’s rights.

The new food handlers bill was introduced in the Senate by Senator Bernie Sanders, and it is sponsored by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

The bill would require food handlers to register with the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), which is the agency that oversees food safety in the country.

It would also require food handling companies to undergo training on how to provide safe food.

If passed, this bill would be one of the biggest changes to food safety since the government came into existence.

It would require that food handlers complete a training course and would require a third party to inspect food in order to determine if the food was safe.

If food handlers fail to follow the rules of the industry, they could be fined and sent to jail.

The Food Safety Net is the most powerful tool in the food safety toolbox.

It is an agency with the power, the resources and the expertise to protect consumers and businesses.

We have seen this bill come before in the past, but it was a little bit watered down and it was not the most sweeping.

The biggest difference between the bill and this is that it would require the Feds food safety inspection and labeling agency, the FSIS, to conduct a nationwide food safety program.

The Feds FSIS currently has only seven inspectors in the nation and it has been accused of failing to comply with federal law.

Food handlers would also be required to provide a list of food manufacturers and suppliers and a list for the manufacturers who do not have the required food safety certificate.

The food safety certification would be voluntary and would not require any kind of certification from a third-party.

The Senate bill would also make the Food Standards Agency, the USDA’s food safety regulator, the Food Handler Regulation Authority.

The FSA is a federal agency, and the FSA is charged with ensuring food safety, but the Food Handlers bill would create a federal Food Handler Regulatory Authority, which would regulate food handling and other food processing businesses.

The Feds Food Handler Bill is not a complete food safety bill, but rather a much broader approach to food regulation.

It includes a number of new tools and rules, including:More on the Food Security and Food Handler Regulations, which were recently updated, will be published in the coming weeks.

For now, check out the House bill and the new Senate bill.

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