August 17, 2021

More than 20 million dogs are fed Cesar dogs and puppies every day in the U.S., but the dog food makers say that is only part of the story.

They have also been warning consumers about the risk of choking and dehydration from the dog’s food, but their warnings are getting little traction.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that nearly 40 million people have consumed Cesar in the past year, and some health experts are calling for a change in the industry’s labeling.

Cesar has been the top dog food brand on the market since 1998, according to The Dog Food Association, and its sales are growing at an average of 5.7 percent annually.

The association said in a statement that while it is possible that some people are eating too much Cesar, the industry has been transparent about what is in the food.

The association says that Cesar’s packaging is simple, and the dog treats are healthy, but that consumers are also often misinformed about what they are consuming.

The FDA and the Food and Drug Administration are working to change the industry by creating more stringent requirements on the dog foods, said Jennifer Dye, a spokeswoman for the agency.

She said that when the agency was reviewing Cesar and other dog foods for the first time in 2014, it found that a majority of ingredients were safe.

The agency, which has been investigating the food industry for more than a decade, said it would consider requiring more ingredients on products such as the brand-new Gatorade or Dog Chow, but it would not regulate the brands.

Dog food makers have been lobbying the FDA for years to remove the dog warning from the labels of their products.

Last year, the agency proposed labeling dogs on dog food labels with “avoid dog food.”

The agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Dog Food Alliance, which represents companies that make dog foods and treats, said last year that Cargill, Kellogg’s and General Mills have the most misleading dog food labeling on the planet.

It said the labels were so deceptive that they were causing a consumer crisis.

More than 3.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States, according the CDC, but most of the injuries are not fatal.

Dogs have been known to swallow whole meals of food.

Some dogs are even known to bite humans.

But the dog-bite prevention advocacy group ASPCA has argued that consumers should be able to tell what they’re eating.

In its statement, the group said: “Many people are not aware that dog food contains a high amount of sugar, which can cause choking, dehydration and death.

They are not getting enough water from the diet.

They can choke if they eat too much.

Some people eat too many treats.”

The Dog-Food Alliance said the industry should be required to show a “safe amount” of sugar in its dog food before it is labeled.

“The food industry is already required to provide the American Heart Association with information on the sugar content of their dog food,” said a spokesman for the group.

“It’s time for the FDA to take the lead and require that companies provide that information, too.”

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