August 13, 2021

India has been one of the countries hardest hit by a record heat wave, with the worst affected states in the north.

But while the capital, Delhi, has seen its temperatures rise by almost 10 degrees Celsius since Friday, most of the rest of the country has not seen a rise at all.

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However, the number of people affected by the heat wave in the south is more pronounced. 

According to the Indian government, there are 5,895 people suffering from heat-related illnesses in the capital.

In the north, there have been 2,818. 

“This has been the worst heat wave India has seen in decades,” said Ankit Kaur, an expert at the India Meteorological Department. 

India has been suffering from record-high temperatures since Friday when temperatures hit a record high of 36.4 degrees Celsius.

The city of Delhi has seen temperatures rise in the past few days by almost nine degrees Celsius, while the neighbouring Karnataka state has seen a further jump in temperatures. 

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The weather is expected to remain very hot, with maximum temperatures reaching 37 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) by Friday, while maximum minimum temperatures could hit 38 degrees Celsius and maximum daytime temperatures could reach 40 degrees Celsius,” Kaur said. 

The country has been facing a drought for months and, for a time, many people relied on rationing food to survive. 

Some people have also resorted to eating beef, pork and chicken, which are also high in fat, which is why the government has been trying to reduce their consumption. 

But in many parts of the south, the weather has been bad and food prices have risen. 

Kaur said the heatwave has affected the poor most, and they are the ones with the most financial resources. 

Many people have been using their savings to buy food to buy basic essentials such as flour and rice. 

Food prices in India have risen by 30 per cent in the last year, and are now higher than in any other country. 

‘It is going to kill me’: India’s chief executive says it’s time to stop the food riotsSource: BBC News (UK)


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