August 10, 2021

The Australian Institute of Food Science (AIFS) has published a new study which shows how much fat people eat per week and how much extra fat they consume on average.

The study, conducted by the University of Queensland’s School of Food Sciences, showed that people in the lower end of the Australian population are eating the most fat per week while those in the top 20 per cent are eating less than the median.

The average person eats 3.3 kilograms of fat per day.

AISS Professor John McLean said the study revealed that people were eating less fat than they should be.

“If you eat less fat you’re getting more energy from food, but that’s not the case,” Professor McLean told ABC News.

“If you don’t eat more than that, you’re going to have less energy, so you’re more likely to gain weight.”

The average Australian woman has approximately 4.5 kilograms of body fat, which is about 10 per cent of the average man.

Professor McLean and his colleagues found that men in the bottom 20 percent of the population had the highest levels of body weight, while women in the upper 20 per Centile were eating more fat per kilogram than their counterparts.

“Our findings are consistent with the fact that we are eating a lot of fat and it’s causing an imbalance in the system,” Professor MacLean said.

‘We have to eat more’ The study also showed that if people in Australia ate an average of 6 kilograms of protein a day, they could achieve a healthy weight.

The researchers found that a person who ate less than 6 kilograms a day had a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5, compared to 25 for a person eating 6.6 kilograms a week.

AISS researcher Dr Michael Cappelli said the researchers found a correlation between protein intake and a person’s waist circumference.

Dr Cappellis study found that people with a BMI of 30 or above had the biggest waist circumference, with an average waist circumference of 94.3cm, while those with a waist circumference between 30 and 38.7cm had the smallest waist circumference at 53.2cm.

He said the findings could explain why people were consuming more calories than they need, and why a person can gain weight if they eat too much fat.

“The way we measure and measure calories and nutrients is by using the standard method of a calorimeter, which basically measures the amount of food that a food can absorb into the body and stores,” Dr Cappella said.

“The average person needs to eat around 6.7 kilograms of calories a day to lose weight, so if they can’t afford to eat that much food, then they’re eating too much.”

The study also found that the amount people ate was linked to their BMI.

For example, people who had a BMI between 30.5 and 40.9 had the largest waist circumference and the lowest body fat percentage.

When it came to the impact on weight, the researchers said there were two ways to look at it.

One was the impact of calorie restriction, which could lead to weight loss, Professor Mclean said.

“For people who don’t have any of those other factors, we’re just seeing a reduction in calories per day,” he said. 

“Another way to look is to say what kind of weight you’re losing, if it’s because of fat loss or if it might be because you’ve got some other factor that’s affecting your weight that’s contributing to that weight loss.”

In general, the more fat people have, the bigger their waistlines are.

The research also found the best way to lose body weight was by eating fewer calories a week, rather than eating more than you normally would.

The researchers found there were four factors which were linked to the weight gain: age, gender, race and physical activity.

It was not known whether the factors were related to the people’s weight.

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