August 3, 2021

The following article by Rachel J. Pollack appeared in the May 21 issue of the Washington Times Magazine.

In an interview with me, Dr. Joseph F. Sperling, director of the Center for Preventive Medicine at Harvard Medical School, who is also a former head of the Food and Drug Administration, explains why it’s so important to be smart about food and how to get over bad night.

The answers to questions posed in this story are on the back page.

Question 1.

What foods are best to eat after a bad dinner?

Dr. F.S.P.: I would say that the answer is basically twofold.

The first is to eat whatever is most delicious.

That’s a big factor.

The second is to be flexible and adapt to the situation.

In general, I would suggest that you eat as much as you can afford.

And then you have to eat some of the foods that are a bit less expensive, such as fish, but also fruits and vegetables and some protein foods.

Question 2.

How do you make a good homemade dog food?

Dr, Sperlin: You can make your own homemade dog foods from ingredients like rice, corn and barley.

The most important thing is to use good quality ingredients and not too much.

The more you use, the better.

And to keep the pH and the nutrients, you want the pH of the dog food to be between 5 and 6.

So if you use a dog food that’s lower than that, you may need to change it in the recipe.

Question 3.

What do you recommend as a food for the dog to have at night?

Dr Sperlen: I would recommend a dog with a low body weight.

A high-quality dog food like dog food made by our company, Red Star, will make a very good meal for a dog.

If you’re not sure if it’s a good dog food or not, ask a veterinarian.

Question 4.

What kinds of food should I feed my dog?

Dr F.W.S.: For the most part, I think it’s best to feed a low-calorie, high-protein diet, but I would also feed high-calcium foods.

The important thing about high-energy foods is that you’re getting more nutrients, more fiber, more vitamins and minerals.

Question 5.

How long should I keep the food in the refrigerator?

Dr M.

S: The more it’s in the fridge, the longer it will last.

You want to keep it as fresh as possible.

Question 6.

How much should I buy my dog a meal to eat at night, and when should I begin feeding it?

Dr W.S.?

If you buy food that you can eat for about three to four hours, you should start with one or two hours of it.

If it’s two hours, I’d start with a little bit of the first hour.

Then, you can gradually build up the meal, but you should try to keep that meal as fresh and as long as possible, so it’s fresh and healthy as possible for the next few hours.

Question 7.

What about dogs that are very thin?

Dr J.S., a veterinarian, is an expert on weight-control.

How does a thin dog respond to a diet high in protein, fat and carbs?

Dr D.S.-C.E.A.A.: It depends.

If they’re very skinny, they won’t need as much.

They’ll still be able to get enough calories.

They might need a bit more.

If the animal is very lean and muscular, then they’ll get a lot of calories and will need less.

Question 8.

How many calories are in one gram of protein?

Dr A.

S-C.A., professor of nutrition and metabolism at the University of California, San Diego, has researched how dogs respond to protein.

Dr A-S-D.A.-C., a dietitian at the San Francisco Veterinary Hospital, says the protein needs to be high in amino acids to maximize energy intake.

A protein-rich diet is best for a canine with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 25, but the BMI can be as low as 25.

What’s the best way to make a protein-poor diet for a thin and lean dog?

Answer 1.

Have the dog’s owner give him some protein supplements or foods.

They should be very high in quality protein and very low in calories.

The amount of protein that should be in the food should be determined by the dog, according to Dr A.-S-B.

You can get good quality protein in your pet’s favorite foods.

A good source of protein is beef liver, which is a very lean animal that has a lot in it.

A well-cooked steak, chicken, turkey, pork, or lamb liver is also an excellent source.

Question 22.

How should a dog treat


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