July 15, 2021

With the Australian government having imposed an unprecedented ban on food service in the country, many customers can now only get their food delivered to their door.

This is happening to a wider number of households, with many consumers unable to afford to pay for delivery, or can’t find food to go.

The consequences of this are being felt across the country.

But what are the implications for you?

The Food Safety Authority of Australia (FSAA) has advised that there are a number of important questions that can be answered when food service delivery is unavailable.

The first is whether food can be safely eaten in the home.

“The food safety regime in Australia does not mandate that food must be cooked or prepared in the kitchen, as there is no evidence that such cooking and preparation is harmful to health,” the FSAA says.

In other words, if the kitchen isn’t open, food can go to your plate.

But this doesn’t mean that there is not risk from cooking in the food that is in the fridge.

The Food Standards Agency of Australia also advises that food should be stored in a cool, dry place.

This can mean an airtight container such as a plastic container, or in a dishwasher.

But it is also possible to put food in a dryer.

This means that if the food is in a container that is not sealed, the food could get caught in the dryer and could possibly be contaminated with foodborne pathogens.

The FSAA has also said that a refrigerator should be kept at the same temperature as food.

The temperature is important because it can affect the quality of the food.

“Food stored in the refrigerator at room temperature is generally less likely to be contaminated by foodborne organisms, including E. coli,” it says.

“However, food stored at higher temperatures can become contaminated and spoil.”

And in the case of frozen foods, the heat can also cause food to spoil.

“There is no absolute proof that frozen foods will spoil and spoil more,” it warns.

“In fact, the amount of ice crystals is likely to depend on the temperature of the freezer, and on how much ice is in it.”

So if you don’t have a fridge, the advice is that you should store food in an air tight container, such as plastic or metal.

But the same cannot be said for a container of ice, such a freezer.

“You can safely store frozen food in plastic or aluminium foil, or the like,” it states.

The same goes for food that has been thawed and thawed quickly.

“As soon as the food has been cooled, or when the container has been sealed, it should be removed and stored separately from the food,” the advice says.

What should I do if food is not available?

The next question is whether you can order food.

According to the Food Safety Agency of Australian, you should call for delivery and ask for the number of the restaurant you are going to be eating at.

This way you can tell the restaurant where you are eating and they can tell you where to get food.

But, if you can only find out that the restaurant is closed, or if the restaurant doesn’t have any food available, then it may be wise to order food online.

“If you order food through a food delivery service, it is important that you check to see whether it has been cooked in a kitchen,” the FSA says.

This may be easier to do with a food bank, or a local supermarket, but there is also the option of ordering it online.

However, if food delivery services are unavailable, then you should check with your GP about ordering food online and calling the restaurant for delivery.

“Although food can sometimes be delivered from restaurants, this does not mean that the food must not be cooked,” it advises.

“Cooking can lead to food poisoning.

If you suspect that food is unsafe, you may wish to seek advice from your GP.”

For more information about food safety, or to get the latest news on food safety issues, check out our Food Safety page.


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