July 13, 2021

Gordon Ramsay has been criticised for sharing his favourite foods with his guests on his show Kitchen Nightmares, but has revealed he is also a food nerd.

Speaking to The Sun Online, the former host of Channel 4’s Top Chef said he has always been “obsessed” with food and his cooking.

Speaking from a hotel in California, Ramsay said he started to develop an “instinctive taste for food” when he was young and he became obsessed with eating out when he left school.

He said he would sometimes spend days cooking a meal in front of his friends, and would have his parents bring him a bowl of pasta with a sauce on top to see what it was all about.

“I was obsessed,” Ramsay said.

“When I was younger, it was like, I would spend three days and I’d cook all these things, and I would be so happy.

But as I grew up, I realised I was really good at it, and that really got me hooked.”

When he got older, he became interested in food, and said he began to eat out more.

“It started to become something that I enjoyed, and it just took off,” Ramsay told The Sun.

Ramsay has admitted that he would eat out at his parents’ home if he could. “

But I think that it’s been an instinctive taste that’s always there.”

Ramsay has admitted that he would eat out at his parents’ home if he could.

And my wife, of course, would be absolutely lovely.” “

My parents would be really happy if I did it.”

And my wife, of course, would be absolutely lovely.

“Speaking about his wife, Ramsay joked that she is “one of those things that just happens.

“”She’s not a chef, but she loves to cook and has a fantastic knowledge of food, but we also love to eat.

She’s very good at food and she has a very good sense of humour. “

Sometimes, she’d go to dinner and we’d just get together and eat, and she’s such a great cook.”

She’s very good at food and she has a very good sense of humour.

“We’re good at telling jokes.”

Ramsay said his parents and wife have always been supportive of his cooking, but he has recently been told by his wife that she’s “too busy” to cook anymore.

“For a long time I’ve been worried about her being busy,” he said.


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