July 3, 2021

After more than five years of work in the food industry, journalist Carla Garcia del Bosque is now a global celebrity.

As she describes it, the first thing she realised was she had a passion for food.

“It started when I was a child, I was always eating and drinking,” she said.

“I would come home from school and find out that my teacher was cooking for us, and I was totally obsessed with it.”

“So I decided to work in a kitchen and make sure that I got a good quality of food and that I could learn from it.”

That first job took her to a local restaurant, where she was given a new job, as a dishwasher.

“So, I started my career as a restaurant dishwasher,” she recalled.

“But then, I realised that it wasn’t my cup of tea, and so I decided I would do something different and I would start a blog.”

A blog Garcia del Bosque started on Instagram in 2015, where her work became so popular she started her own company, Café Colombia.

She started off writing food blog posts about local foods and recipes, but quickly became fascinated by the cuisine and culture of Colombia.

The blog is full of food photos, recipes, tips and other tidbits about the region, and the blog has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

“A lot of the stuff that you see in the blog comes from restaurants and I guess that’s where my passion is,” she explained.

“That’s where I got the inspiration for my recipes, so, I have a big collection of recipes.”

The blog also has a dedicated Instagram page, where people can share photos, videos and even post recipes.

It is also used by Garcia del Borosque to promote her business and the Colombian food industry in general.

“When I started the blog, I thought it would be a fun hobby,” she told Football Italias.

“And then it got really popular, and now it’s a lot of things that I have done.”

The blog has now been viewed by millions and Garcia del Boosque is able to share her knowledge with her followers.

Her followers also receive free samples from her businesses, such as food and coffee.

Garcia del boosque also hosts a podcast called The Cafe, where the guests discuss her work and food culture.

Garcia Del Bosque, who is a native of Colombia and now lives in London, is currently working in her first job as a chef in London.

She is currently looking to expand the business to offer a range of products to the wider food industry.

“For me, the blog is a bit of a journey, and it has given me the motivation and the skills to keep going and going,” she admitted.

It’s a really fulfilling experience.” “

Every time I go to a restaurant, I feel like I’m going there for a meal, and every time I see something that I want to try, I’m there.

It’s a really fulfilling experience.”

Garcia delbosque is also excited about the opportunity she has to travel around the world.

“As I get older, I always want to travel, and Colombia has a lot to offer,” she added.

“We have so many things to offer in the Caribbean and the rest of the world, so it’s great to get to see what is happening there.”

Garcia Delbosque has also taken a lot from her experience working in the restaurant industry.

She said she was always learning, but she also had an ambition to be the best in the business.

“If I was to start a business now, it’s going to be a very different journey,” she stressed.

“This is something I want me to do with the best of my ability.

I’m still learning, I still love cooking, I want the best.

I just want to help the industry grow.”

The Colombian food blogging scene is a huge opportunity for Garcia del bosque.

“Because of the food blogging industry in Colombia, there are a lot more bloggers and bloggers in Colombia,” she noted.

“They all do their thing, they have their different styles, they’re all really good, and this has really made a big impact on the country.”

“I think this is the beginning of a new generation of food bloggers,” Garcia delbosque said. 

“This is the future of food blogging.

I think that it’s happening here in Colombia.” 


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